Support The Dying

Advance Care Planning
Made Easy

How do I support my dying loved one?



How do I cope myself?

You have a precious loved one who is dying.


You don’t know how to best support them.


You don’t know how to cope yourself.


Sometimes you’re OK and other times, you can feel your heart breaking.


You don’t want to talk to your friends about this and other family just get upset.


Who can you talk to?


Who understands what you’re going through?


Hi, I’m Sharon Tregoning and I do.

For over 8 years I have worked as a compassionate advocate and counsellor in the breast cancer and dying and death spaces,  I also had 4 precious loved ones die in the space of just 5 years.

I’ve felt the fear, the overwhelm, the sadness, the uselessness  
Like you, I’ve felt my heart break.

But I’ve also felt the immense love.
I’ve created precious memories I will treasure to the end of my days.
I’ve shared irreverent laughter and have connections with others grow deeper through the gift of knowing my loved one was on their end journey, that they were dying.

Let me help you through this time.


Farewell With Grace ~ For Loved Ones
Support For You As You Support Your Dying Loved One

You’re sharing the end journey of a treasured loved one in your world.  You’re stressed, you’re sad, it’s tough, you feel alone and you don’t know how to best help them.

You want to be able to make the most of this time and create some precious memories.  You want the journey to be as easy and comfortable as possible for them and yourself.

But where do you turn for help?  What support is available for you both?  How can it be made easier?

Farewell With Grace ~ For Loved Ones was written exactly for this purpose.  It supports you as you support your dying loved one.

Through sharing personal experiences with her loved ones, experiences with clients and other learnings, Sharon Tregoning provides you with the guidance and support you are seeking.

This easy to read and use book provides practical and simple strategies to make the journey easier.  Focussing on both spiritual and emotional aspect, you will feel supported; as if you have a friend sitting beside you, holding your hand.

Sharon Tregoning is a Spiritual Counsellor who spiritually and emotional supports the dying and their loved ones to create good dying and death experiences as defined by the dying and to know as much unconditional love and peace as possible.

Advance Care Planning Workshops for Baby Boomers

Capture and Communicate Your End of Life Wishes


Avoid some family dramas and issues by capturing and communicating your end of life wishes.

We’ve all either been there or heard someone say that they didn’t know what their loved one wanted and they had never talked about their wishes for the end of their life.  Now they don’t know what’s best and right for them .

These workshops will address both the practical and legal aspects as well as the personal and intimate aspects of advance care planning in an environment where you will feel supported and guided.