As you support your dying loved one,
I support both of you to ease your stress

You want to feel supported and you want your dying loved one to feel supported as you work towards them having a peaceful dying and death experience. You want your load to be lightened, not to feel so stressed and more than anything, you want this time to be precious. You’re doing everything you can to help them to know peace and you want a little of that for yourself.

Yet, this is not even close to your current reality.

You don’t know what spiritual/emotional support is available for any of you and you are feeling soul weary and alone. You don’t know how to make this time special, you are struggling with your own experience and you want to make sure you won’t have any regrets.

I’m Sharon Tregoning and I work with people who have a loved one who is dying, who want to feel less stressed, feel supported and want to help their loved one have as peaceful a death as possible.

As a spiritual counsellor, I work closely with the loved ones of the terminally ill who want to:

  • Feel supported throughout their dying experience
  • Feel less stressed and frazzled
  • Help their loved one experience as peaceful a death as possible
  • Help their loved ones feel supported
  • Lift some of the heaviness
  • I believe that all this is possible.

Because when you are spiritually supported, you’ll find the journey a bit easier, both you and your loved one can know more peace and you’ll reduce regret later on.

I have learned how it’s possible to make death and the experience of dying less traumatic, more peaceful and a more cathartic experience for you and your loved one.

Through a powerful connection with the Divine, I create a gentle and loving atmosphere around you and your loved one. And through doing energy work remotely, you can get this support no matter where you are.

Quite simply, my clients feel less frazzled and know more peace.

When you work with me you get access to all the insights I gleaned while sharing my own loved one’s end journeys; all of the experience that comes through serving others; all the skills I learned through both my Bachelor of Divinity and Diploma of Counselling degrees and my powerful connection with the Divine.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to be gentle with yourself, to nurture you as you care for your loved one and I’ll provide you with a safe space to share all that you are experiencing, while I hold space for you and wrap you both in pure and unconditional love.

By the time our work together is done you’ll feel less stressed and frazzled; we will have created a peaceful death as much as possible with your loved one and you will have felt supported all along the way.

If you want to feel supported and less stressed, then let’s have a chat about how we can make that happen.

I am based on the Sunshine Coast and for In Person care, I can support you in South East Queensland.  For those not based there, with the help of modern technology and energetic connections, I can support you anywhere across the globe.

This is my Mum & I, taken just 2 weeks before she died.

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Divinity
University of Metaphysical Sciences (USA)

Diploma of Counselling
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Justice of the Peace (Qld)

Dying With Dignity Queensland Inc
Death Over Dinner
Ambassador for Death Over Dinner
Natural Death Advocacy Network