Sharon offered me something that nobody else was offering me. A non judgemental attitude, an acceptance of where I was at, and permission to let go the way that I wanted.

She was interested in what I felt my body was telling me, and was able to clarify for me, what was going on spiritually and emotionally, so that I could move forward with ease. 

Every session that I had with Sharon, enlightened and supported me. There was a lot more to let go of than I had realised, and a lot more emotional healing to be done.

She’s the “grief whisperer” and I feel privileged to have her with me for this final part of my journey.


Sydney, NSW

Spiritual Palliative Care is not about denying the sadness, it’s not about avoiding the uncomfortable, it’s not about ignoring the challenges; it’s about living and transcending all of those experiences with grace, with love.

It’s about embracing all of what is – the good, the bad, the great and the downright ugly.

It’s about being fully present and focusing on the gifts.

It’s about reframing hope in a meaningful and powerful way that supports and sustains all.

But how do you create that?

Through guidance, love and support, I help you to reconnect with the truth you know in your own heart about this journey.

I believe we all instinctively know how to live this experience, but we have disconnected from our selves and all that is and we have forgotten.

I surround you in the pure and unconditional love of the Divine – in ways that are appropriate for your beliefs.

I facilitate the creation of peace, the resolving of issues, the miracle of healing of many levels, the creation of memory projects…just to name a few.

There will be sacred silence, there will be irreverent laughter, there will be moments of soulful depth and also light heartedness.

This work is powerful and empowering.  This work is about you and making the absolute best of this experience.

When you are spiritually supported, you’ll yourself less frazzled and know more peace.

When you work with me you get access to all the insights I gleaned while sharing my own loved one’s end journeys; all of the experience that comes through serving others; all the skills I learned through both my Bachelor of Divinity and Diploma of Counselling degrees and my powerful connection with the Divine.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to be gentle with yourself, to nurture yourself and I’ll provide you with a safe space to share all that you are experiencing, while I hold space for you and wrap you in pure and unconditional love.

If your soul is calling to you to know this as your experience, connect with me and we can have a chat about your situation and see if there is a synergy between us that is beneficial.


While I call myself a spiritual counsellor, some of you will know this as the work of a death doula or death midwife.  Whatever the name, Spiritual Palliative Care is meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the dying and their loved ones.

Even though I am based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and mostly serve people in south east Queensland, with the wonders of modern technology and of course, this work being based in an energetic connection, you can be anywhere.  I have served clients both interstate and overseas.

This is my Mum & I, taken just 2 weeks before she died.

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Divinity
University of Metaphysical Sciences (USA)

Diploma of Counselling
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Justice of the Peace (Qld)

Dying With Dignity Queensland Inc
Death Over Dinner
Ambassador for Death Over Dinner
Natural Death Advocacy Network